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Have some Billie Piper.

Doctor Who Fic Rec

A list of all my favorite Doctor Who fics, to be updated whenever I remember/find/add fics.

Unless otherwise noted, assume all are Ten/Rose.

Post Journey's End fics

Her Doctor by spastasmagoria
The Doctor liked doughnuts...
The Doctor liked magazines...
The Doctor liked Christmas parties...
The Doctor and the Anti-Christ
The Doctor fights powerful forces...
The Doctor likes to resonate things...
The Doctor liked Siberia...
(WIP, Very cute and funny)

Maturity by orange_crushed
(Pretty much everything she writes is amazingness. Don't eat or drink while eating, for spewage may occur)

Peace in Our Time also by orange_crushed

All the Ways That Count by dark_aegis
(Short and Sweet.)

The Rather Odd Couple by rosa_acicularis who is amazing and one of the best fanfic writers ever.
("An angst-free look at life after...well, you know." "This is almost crack, almost fluff, almost serious.")

Reunion (and post-reunion) fics written before (or ignoring) Journey's End

Meet Me Anywhere by imaginary_iby (<-- Personal journal, Fic journal --> timeless_iby)
(Very sweet, sorta fluffy.)

Home Again by imaginary_iby
(Fluffy cute, with Jack, Donna and Martha)

Sonnetsverse by io_aenaria
Sonnets Writ in Skin
(The Doctor & Rose start a tradition)
(Ianto learns something, not crucial to the Doc/Rose plot, but if you love Ianto...)
Dreams of a Thing With Feathers
(Sort of set in the time period of Family of Blood/Human Nature)
A View from the Door
(Interlude, Rose and Ten's andventures from an outside perspective)
Ocean's Song
(to quote the actual summary, "The second step on a long way home for Rose Tyler.")
Circles We Trace
(Going back to the beginning, Nine & Rose and the very beginning of their tradition)
Penelope's Web
(Rose interlude)
The Old Man and the Statue
(Gemma and Ten! Fic in reference to the DW book "The Stone Rose")
Mysterious Ways (The Reunion!!!!!) One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six (so far)
and Worth's Unknown
(Post Girl in the Fireplace)

Nine hundred and ninety-nine candles by orange_crushed
(The debris following the Doctor's Birthday Party; this makes me insanely happy. Pretty much everyone makes an appearance. Crack!)

Also by orange_crushed, The Scientist (Revamped and Rose-afied Human Nature/Family of Blood fic)
Part One and follow the links to the rest (seven parts)

My all-time favorite series of fics, by orange_crushed Adventures with The Doctor, Rose and the Master
Human Women
("Mostly about three dysfunctional idiots in a spaceship."
Tea Time
(The sequel)
Fiery Death
(The third installment)

The Carlisle Cooperative (carlisle_coop) are amazing and write some of the most phenomenal smut. Ever. Really. My favorites are in the Hedgehog Universe Series.
In chronological (I'm pretty sure) order.
Passing Through History
(Nine/Rose, "The Doctor takes Rose for a visit with the (in)famous Cleopatra." Or, at least tries to)
Speaking Silence Part One and Part Two and the Epilogue (where the smut is) Part One and Part Two
(Smut, smut, smut, and candlelit champagne and strawberries)
How to Turn on a Time Lord, Lesson One: Wardrobe
(Here be smut!)
How to Turn on a Time Lord, Lesson Two: Pub Quiz Part One and Part Two
(More smut, different setting.)
Why the Doctor Hates Christmas
(Ten, on Christmas)
Light to the Blind Part One and Part Two
(set right after Why the Doctor Hates Christmas. Ten & Donna)
Love's Progress
(Following Light to the Blind. Ten & Donna, universe exploring)
So the Lover Must Struggle For Words Part One and Part Two
(Ten & Donna find Rose)
The Stuff Life is Made of Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five
(Rose is found, continued angst. The Doctor messes up.)
Console Interruptus'
(PWP, Ten and Rose being adorable)
Juuust Right
(Very cute, Ten & Rose)
This is Not the Story of Pippin
(Another author falls prey to baby!fic.)

a ficlet (with no apparent title) by goldy_dollar
(Fluffy ficlet)

Round n' Round by goldy_dollar
(Ten/Rose, Donna, Martha. The Doctor and Rose finally come up for air, and the subject of Jack pops up.)

Same author, Attached at the Elbow
(Ten/Rose, Donna. "All I'm saying is, if the love of MY life popped back in from a parallel dimension, I’d have better things to do than talk.")

Sweet Mistakes by one of my all-time favorite authors, faythbrady
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
("The Doctor makes a mistake in his travels with Martha leading him somewhere not entirely new.")

Days and Hours by rosa_acicularis
(Wicked awesome, cute and funny, post-reunion fic.)

The Doctor and Rose set around first or (mostly) second season

Scratching the Itch by rallalon
Part One and follow the links to the other two parts.
(Another favorite smut fic, absolutely amazing, with awesome characterizations)

Good Morning by imaginary_iby
(Nine/Rose, adorable smut)
The sequel, Some Things Never Change
(Ten/Rose, also adorable smut)

Tied Together by dettiot
(Lovely Tie!smut)
and a follow-up, Seeing Double
(More Tie!smut, with added specs appeal.)

Chuck and Babs by mrv3000 & goldy_dollar
(Ten/Rose, Fluffy. A costume party with code names and silliness.)

Butterfly Kisses by humansrsuperior
(Some adventures with the Doctor don't have a happy ending; an intimate moment between Ten and Rose.)

Someone New by faythbrady
(Ten/Rose, Five/Rose, Five/Tegan. "Rose finds more than she ever thought when the Doctor lands them somewhere new--to her")

Same author, Famialiarity Breeds
("The Doctor has a little problem with his new face. Rose thinks she can lend a hand. Pity it's brandishing a razor.")

Why Rose Tyler is, in fact, Fantastic by boxed
(Nine/Rose happy fic)

Precipitation, Concussions, and Equations by ficcy_mcgee
(Ten/Rose Adult Comedy Romance. "A rainy day in the life of the Doctor and Rose results in mild head trauma, math, and nudity. Not in that order...")

Practice Makes Perfect by countrygirl_914
(Hilarious Ten/Rose smut; NotSexGod!Doctor. I'm so sad, 'cause I'd forgotten about this one. For shame, self, for shame.)

Mirrors by rosa_acicularis
("Reflections, makeup, and mirrors")

Same author, Stuck On You
("The Doctor and Rose have an adventure in adhesives.")

Still rosa_acicularis, Fisticuffs
("Insanity, a back alley, and silliness. Insert your own Marquess of Queensbury rules joke here.")

("After the events of Love and Monsters, Rose has a question. The Doctor may or may not have an answer." Angsty and beautiful.)

(Crack!fic and Baby!fic mated, and this was created.)

(The betting doesn't stop in Victorian England. Lolzy.)

In the Mood
(Awesomely Awesome Crack!fic!!!)

One of my absolute favorite fics, But Broken Lights.
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
(The Doctor takes Rose somewhere, and things spiral downward into singing and 60's American game shows.)

Sins of the Flesh
(Adorable & fluffy. Turns out The Doctor has something in common with all the other alien baddies.)

The Abomination,
Part One
Part Two
& Part Three
(Rose and the Time vortex.)

Ordinary, by kazzy
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
(The Doctor (Ten) and Rose are married, Jack's a mechanic, and what's a Tardis? Set sometime in Season 2.)

Non Doctor/Rose (except maybe in mentions)

Recalling by miss_prufrock
(Doctor and Donna post Turn Left)

I'm too lazy to add in an lj-cut right now. meh.


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